The ArthroBox is an aesthetically pleasing and practical storage box for entomological specimens.

ArthroBoxes are lined with 9mm plastizote foam and are 50mm deep internally allowing for safe mounting of specimens on standard 40mm pins.

Available in 2 sizes:

Standard: 318mm x 222mm OA exterior/ 308mm x 216mm

Half Standard: 238mm x 174mm OA exterior/ 229mm x 165mm interior.

One end of the box features an antique brass style file label holder for 45mm x 16mm card label.

They are robust, well made and the card parts are untreated and recyclable.

Price is:

£21.50 incl P&P for Standard Size

£20.50 incl P&P for Half Standard Size

Buy four or more of either size for a 10% discount.

To enquire and order please email Richard@ArthroPods.co.uk

All products are handmade in limited quantities and available direct from Richard by contacting him via:


or via ebay.

Larger images are available on Flickr - click the images on the left to open in a new window.