The ArthroSphere is steel ball with an integral foam pad which articulates onto a hardwood hemisphere and is kept in place by a magnet.

It allows smooth multi-angle rotation to facilitate easy and precise positioning of entomological specimens under a microscope.

Basic instructions are available here.

The total height of the ArthroSphere is approximately 45mm so please check this will fit beneath your microscope and allow enough working distance (ie 45mm + 38mm pin mounted specimen requires a minimum 90mm plus working distance). A low profile version of the ArthroSphere is coming soon.

The ArthroSphere comes with a set of replacement foam inserts, a tubular cutter to allow fabrication of new foam inserts from scrap plastazote and the price includes UK P&P.

Introductory price is £22.50 each.

To enquire and order please email Richard@ArthroPods.co.uk

All products are handmade in limited quantities and available direct from Richard by contacting him: Richard@ArthroPods.co.uk

or via ebay.

The plastazote used in all Arthropods products is scrap from creative industry that would otherwise go to landfill.

Larger images are available on Flickr - click the images on the left to open in a new window.