The EntoTidy is designed to keep all your vital paraphernalia organised and close at hand when working at the microscope; ID-ing, mounting or sorting entomological specimens.

Originally made for my own use as I was unhappy with 'office desk tidies' for holding forceps, scissors etc in a safe and accessible manner.

Fabricated in furniture grade oak each EntoTidy measures approx 245mm x 44mm x 28mm and consists of:

Back row: 4 pen holders. 5 brush holders, 2 phial holders

Middle row: 11 slots for forceps / scissors, 12 holders for forceps (point down) or scissors / brushes or dowels.

Front row: 12 holders for scissors / brushes or dowels.

Forceps can be stored points up (my preferred option) with protective covers on - the cover being placed onto the dowel while the forceps are in use. Or a 3mm rubber sleeve can be added to the holder to allow them to be stored safely point down.

Available in left handed & right handed versions. i.e. pen holders at rear left or pen holder at rear right respectively.

I use the dowel holders for 'genitalia extraction hooks' mounted on small dowels or for pipettes and the phial holders for 16mm diameter / 8ml tubes of conservation grade PVA for coleoptera / small hymenoptera mounting & KoH for genitalia prep.

Introductory price is £22.50 each.

To enquire and order please email Richard: Richard@ArthroPods.co.uk

All products are handmade in limited quantities and available direct from Richard by contacting him via:


or via ebay.

Larger images are available on Flickr - click the images on the left to open in a new window.

*The oak used to produce the EntoTidy is reclaimed offcuts from other projects & products.